Paulo Freire Extends Lease at 161 Lower Westfield Road

Executive Director, Bob Brick is pleased to report to the community that the Board of Trustees recently voted to extend the lease at 161 Lower Westfield Road for 2 more years.  This will allow the school to stay put and to carefully plan for a permanent home for the school following this 3-year period.

The Board signed the lease extension last week, which was the result of our original negotiations with the landlord as part of our space procurement process from over a year ago.

The Board had authorized a new Request for Proposal (RFP) for Leased Space this summer, but was disappointed that only one response was forthcoming.  The Board felt that the response did not meet all of the space needs as outlined in the RFP.  Consequently they decided to take advantage of the option we already had.

We will begin planning how to add the necessary square footage to accommodate the increase of students planned for over the next two years.  We will also begin the planning process for our permanent home at the same time.  Anyone interested in joining a committee to help plan should contact Bob Brick (