Dear Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School Parents and Caregivers,

Time has certainly escaped us this year, as well have all worked diligently in creating a new and improved social justice school model. Our entire staff is very excited in seeing all the young intelligent and talented students.  While the pandemic has been difficult for all of us, each in our own unique ways, it has shown our common commitment to educating and caring for the PFSCJS students and community.  Our priority for our return to this year to make this year feel more “normal” for students and families.

The administration, faculty and staff have worked diligently to ensure ALL Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School students receive a high-quality educational experience.  While we know there will be challenges, we anticipate having a positive and productive school year.

We would like to provide you with information for the start-of-school and inform you of the physical building improvements that we have made.

  • All students will be learning in-person.  As per the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education;

  • All students and staff will be wearing masks;

  • Bus Routes are available on the school website and social media accounts;

  • Our Dropout Early Warning System (DEWS) will help us to identify additional academic and emotional supports that are needed by students;

  • The Latino Counseling Center have space within the building to provide additional emotional supports to our students; and

  • We have aligned our curriculum to continue our focus on Social Justice and have the following initiative to enhance our students learning:

    • A College and Career Center 

    • A Mock Trial Courtroom

    • A News Van

    • A Radio Station for Pod

    • A Civic Leadership Room 

    • A Global Learning Center

    • Saturday School Opportunities

    • Evening School Opportunities

The pandemic may continue to challenge us, but we at Paulo Freire Social Justice Charter School are up to the challenge and are excited to begin the school year.


Gil Traverso                                                                                                                                                                                                 Executive Director

Christine Murphy                                                                                                                                                                                  Chief Academic Officer